Product description

Radio Energie Tachogenerator KONEKM811491G01

Equivalent to Kone Part Number KM811491G01 manufactured by Radio Energie

Equivalent to Kone Part Number KM982792G33 manufactured by Hubner

60V/1000rpm Tachogenerator

  • Type RE.0444 L1B 0.06 CA
  • Radio Energie Part Number /AR47545
  • Voltage 60V/1000rpm
  • Mounting B5 - Flange
  • Kind of Drive ⌀ 37.3mm friction wheel
  • Connection DIN connector + 4.35m cable with 2 terminal blocks and 1 spade lug at the end

This tachogenerator is mainly installed in the hoisting machinery. It is mounted on the traction sheave driving the lift cables. It is used as a speed sensor to make sure the lift will stop at the expected floor, strictly at the level of the floor.

These are no longer 'UL' or 'CSA' approved.