Product description

Radio Energie Tachogenerator RDC14MF002CA

Radio Energie RDC 14 MF 0.02 CA 160 Tachogenerator

20V/1000rpm output

To Suit 16mm diameter shaft

CA grade brushes, 7,500 rpm max speed

Expanding device to clamp on shaft

Radio Energie Part Number /0000048

DC Tachogenerators are used as speed monitoring devices, they convert rotating movement (RPM) into a proportional DC voltage with almost nil propagation delay and have no need for an energy supply.

They are most often used when mounted on to the back of a DC Motor and supply the connected DC drive with a voltage that is linear to speed typically expressed as a voltage against speed e.g. 20V/1000RPM.

Transdrive are the Main UK Distributor for Radio-Energie Tachogenerators, (Tachos), which was founded in 1928 to produce electric generators and convertors to supply power to radio telephonic and radio telegraphic receivers and transmitters; hence its name. In 1949 Radio-Energie started to produce Tachogenerators for industry and have produced a wide range of high quality and reliable units ever since. 

These are no longer 'UL' or 'CSA' approved.

Main characteristic’s of the RDC 14 MF 0.02 CA 160 from Precilec

  • 20V/1000rpm output
  • CA grade brushes, 10,000 rpm max speed
  • Expanding device to clamp onto shaft
  • IP44
  • Hollow Bore mounting to suit 16mm dia shaft
  • Almost maintenance free (periodic check of brushes required)
  • Wide speed range
  • Long life brushes
  • Direction of rotation indicated by polarity of voltage output
  • External power source not required